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Your chosen custom supplement manufacturer for formulating new vitamin and nutraceutical product lines


Variety of Supplements

Our capabilities in supplement production range extensively. Check out our Stock Supplements to view our full and growing list of over 28 different types of supplements we’ve designed and produced.

Customer Support

We want to involve our clients in the process as much as possible, from manufacturing to design. It’s important to us to provide transparent support, to ensure the most efficient and worry-free experience for our clients.

Shipping & Delivery

Count on us for hassle-free and flexible options in shipping and delivery. We work to meet your shipping needs and delivery timelines.

Proud To Be Your Custom Supplement  and Nutraceutical Manufacturing Partner

Our passion is to supply only the highest quality vitamins and supplements, so they can benefit your customers.  Nutraceutical Manufacturing can neglect quality for quantity. We don’t.

Supplement Supplier

We have over 28 types of supplements in stock—select from our full list under Stock Supplements.

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Private Label Supplements

Experience what Blue Health USA can do for you in private labeling! Our graphics and marketing team are ready to design your supplement brand’s total package and labeling.

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Custom Manufacturing

Work with us to develop your ideas, from formula to finish. Contact us to learn how you can get started in creating the perfect custom supplement product.

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Private Label Supplements and Vitamins


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