Blue Health USA

Your chosen custom medical supplier, supplement supplier, and manufacturer. We are also a USA Veteran Owned Business


Exprienced Medical Supplier

We are proud to work with hospitals, government contractors, and other suppliers to provide quality medical supply products

Quality Suppliment Manufacturer

With almost 10 years of suppliment manufacturing and 28 suppliment product lines, we are your suppliement supplier and manufacturing expert

Veteran Managed Business

Managed by a US veteran, we strictly follow the highest manufacturing standards, uncompromised quality, and timely delivery. “usaflag”

Proud To Be Your Custom Supplement Supplier, Medical Supplier,  and Manufacturing Partner

Our passion is to supply only the highest quality medical supply products, vitamins, and supplements, so they can benefit your customers.  We are looking to partner with government contractors, other supply wholesalers and retailers

Supplement Supplier

We have over 28 types of supplements in stock—select from our full list under Stock Supplements. We also do complete private label suppliements.

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Medical Supplier

We carry a variety of wholesale quality medical supply products. As a veteran managed business, we are ready to partner with government contractors, suppliers, and government entities

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Custom Manufacturing

Work with us to develop your ideas, from formula to finish. Contact us to learn how you can get started in creating the perfect custom supplement product.

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Private Label Supplements and Vitamins


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