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For all domestic orders, we require 50% deposit and the remaining 50% before delivery.
For International orders, we require 80% deposit and the remaining 20% before delivery.
Initial deposit is customary. Contract law states that something of value must pass between two parties before a contract can be considered valid. We are developing and producing your own custom formulas. These formulas will be proprietary to you and you will have ownership of them. Therefore, we are requiring a deposit before we start your project. This is industry standard. The company is investing raw ingredients and man hours of our scientist to work on and develop the formula that you are looking for before we can commercially produce it.
In order to import the goods, you will receive the Original documents necessary for US Customs, FDA clearance and for your records. Also, you will receive a copy of the Test Certificates for your product batches and for your records. These documents are used to provide prof of purchase and ownership of the goods. We will assist you in guiding you in ensuring that you do get established with the FDA. We will also assist you in guiding you in establishing an account with a Freight company.
First Time orders can range from 10 – 16 weeks. Second time orders are usually 4-6 weeks. Project time for custom formulation, private label products is unique and therefore it depends on several factors that can add time into the project such as: Do you have a product formula ready for production? Do you have on hand art work files and logo for your private label? Does your product require special packaging which requires molds to be produced, etc.? -does your formula contain ingredients which are not in our list of stock ingredients and requires special sourcing and handling? Therefore, the general rule is that as soon as we have on hand the necessary ingredients and custom packaging materials, we can have your product ready within weeks. In conclusion, an estimated time frame is confirmed as the time of the proposal.
Yes, every batch of private label nutraceutical that are manufactured by Blue Health USA have random samples tested by an independent third-party testing facility. Although this third-party is free to do any test they chose to run, the three most common tests are a test for heavy metals, a toxin test and a microbial test. The entire batch is destroyed if a product fails even one test. Private label nutraceuticals and custom formulations produced at our facilities are tested during and at the end of each production. Documentation is available upon request which is proprietary to your products. Furthermore, our in-house labs perform testing per product and by production batch. In addition, the onsite lab tests all raw ingredients used before any kind of production. Therefore, specific type of testing may take place during the production process as needed. As a contract vitamin manufacturer, we assume full responsibility. Our QC department approves and releases products to market for our wholesale vitamin suppliers and our supplement companies. The approval is based on our stringent quality standards.
Not only can we help you formulate your ideal product but we also offer suggestions based on trends in the industry. Please contact us to get in touch with one of our formulators. We have over 100 years combined experience in nutraceutical manufacturing.
Upon request, we can assist you in acquiring full Marketing Services. This is a service we offer for our clients which is a separate service agreement. As a result, it is in collaboration with our partners and it is not part of the Custom Formulation product agreement. Marketing involves everything you do to get potential customers and to sell your product. The more you succeed, the more we succeed. With that, there are more individuals benefiting from high quality custom label formulated vitamins and dietary supplements. It is a win-win situation for everyone. In addition, we are assisting our customers with product knowledge. Also, will also be guaranteeing that your product labels are also according to the FDA requirements. As a result, it will be making the product compliant for bringing a dietary supplement to market.
We have a separate art department that can help you design a logo for your product and design the label. Our Services: • Label Concept Sketching • Label Color Concept • Bottle sourcing to fit your product’s needs • Unique and specific design label orientation(s) • Unique die cuts available upon request • Label printing for existing designs/artwork

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