Quality Standards

We practice the highest quality of industry standards

Blue Health USA is committed to ensuring the integrity of our products from start to finish. Beyond being an FDA-approved facility, we implement strict requirements to vet the safety and quality of our products.

Quality Materials

We use ingredients that meet the standards in quality, safety, and health. Our clients trust in us to deliver products with materials that don’t compromise the quality and integrity of theirs.

FDA Approved

Blue Health USA is an FDA approved, all-inclusive facility and lab. We take very seriously the standards and requirements involved in the production of our supplements, thus we make it a priority to assure transparency with our clients.

Safety Testing

We test all of our products at our lab to ensure that they are safe and to standard before being delivered to our clients or end users. Consumers can trust that what’s in our process transfers to what’s on the label.

Raw Ingredients

We go to great length to source the best raw materials from all over the world. We mean that quite literally. We travel to multiple countries each year to source many raw materials from their native growing regions.

Alergen Free

We make sure our products are free of common allergens and get a Certificate of Analysis (COA) on all raw material purchase we make, ensuring that it conforms to USP (United States Pharmacopeia) standards.

Always Natural

Unlike other manufacturers and suppliers, we believe that the best products are all-natural products. It’s why we don’t use artificial sweeteners or harmful fillers.